Building a true social bi-dating and sharing platform

About Us

We are a bi couple living in the Netherlands. We were looking for a trustworthy place to find another bi couple for a longterm friendship plus. Most dating sites are all about swinging, or quick sex. Which was not quite what we were looking for. Besides that we were not prepared to spend massive amounts of money for a monthly membership.

After a bit of discussion in various groups on facebook and so on, we decided to go and make such a place! Since we are senior web developers, marketeers and desigers we figured we might be able to do it better than the big money-hungry dating sites.

Here, we'll make that Bi dream come true!


We're building a true and honest dating and social platform for bi couples, aimed at honesty and longterm friendships. We will not be a quicky-one-night-stand kind of place.

Here, you'll find couples that match your interests. Build long lasting friendships and maybe more!


Unlike most dating sites, we will charge your local equivalent of €25,- which is roughly $28,- or £22,50 per year, just to cover the costs of maintenance and hosting.

That includes all functionality such as messaging, search, photo's and so on. No bull and no easy-money making on our side.

No hidden fees or payed upgrades. Ever.


Start of development will be august 2019 and we expect to have the first, basic version online by the end of september. From there we'll continue to develop the platform further!

We'll make the platform multilingual starting with Dutch (our mothertongue) and English.

Can I have an account now?

You can already leave your e-mail address here - no strings attached. You'll be notified automatically when we go online.

At that point, you may choose to either create an account, or to have your e-mail address removed from the database completely.

If you choose to create an account when we go online, only then will we request a payment from you.


We have to start somewhere, so the first 50 people in each country who subscribe through this page, will get the first year of their membership for free.

Ps: no bull also means we will never, ever, sell or share your information. Ever.

We wish you a happy Bi Life!


Is your country not on the list? Send an e-mail to